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Colorado is Cooking Fresh for Kids

We’ve been talking a lot about our Colorado peaches lately, and now there’s a new reason to love Colorado even more. Many school districts in CO are kicking out processed school meals and replacing them with wholesome, made-from-scratch food. In this article from the New York Times, the transition is explained in terms of numbers: in Greeley, CO, bean burritos made from scratch have 12 ingredients (including real cheddar cheese), as opposed to the 35+ ingredients in pre-packaged burritos. Italian salad dressing used to have 19 ingredients; now that it’s being made at school, it contains 9 ingredients, reduces sodium content by nearly 75%, and cuts out sugar completely.

So why aren’t more schools making similar transitions? Partly, there is fear of legal issues surrounding cooking raw meat properly, says to the article. Schools have also been faced with severe budget cuts in the past years, and there is a sense that the money to make the switch to cooking from scratch just isn’t there. But making the transition could actually save districts money in the long run, and poorer areas can seek federal funding for making healthier, fresher meals. 

For the full article, click here. Then, tell us what you think about cooking from scratch at school - is it plausible, or an unnecessary expense?

  • 17 August 2011
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